Tea Break in Telc

Cajovna Scivias Telc

Cajovna Scivias Telc

The tiny town of Telc could be explored in a day, showered in the dust of the hasty traveller hotfooting it to Vienna. All the more of course, for the slower, and wiser, traveller who decides to spend the night after all, an idea that usually occurs over a mug of something sweet.
Take a bitter winter night’s walk across the UNESCO stamped square. As you go, search the storybook townhouses for softly lit windows that seem to thaw frostbitten fingertips. Only then will you truly appreciate the warm embrace of Cajovna Scivias, tucked away, all glowing and gorgeous, in náměstí Zachariáše z Hradce.
Take the sofa on your right after popping your head around the archway to find it filled with floor dwelling, tea swilling locals and soft whispers of shisha. It feels good to be let in on the secret.
Go for something outrageous and allow lovely staff to take care of the tea making whilst you are left free to browse a small world’s worth of tea pots. Stock up on jasmine incense, refreshed and ready to face the cold, thanking goodness you booked that pension after all and can come back again tomorrow.

Čajovna Scivias Telč
náměstí Zachariáše z Hradce 39, 588 56 Telč-Vnitřní Město, Czech Republic
+420 602 733 485 ‎ • cajovnascivias.cz


About kirstymichelleallen

Teaching some phrasal verbs in the present. Prefer drinking teas in places that look like the past.
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2 Responses to Tea Break in Telc

  1. Hi! one of the best cajovna I found was at hradec kralove

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