Dresden in Two Hundred Words


Dresden is a city that’s emerged, like a phoenix from the flames, to fly the flag for all things Saxony cute and quirky.
Make a Kangaroo Stop so that you’re only a hop, skip and jump away from a Neustadt Saturday night. Have dinner by Wee Willie Winkie candlelight at Plantwirtschaft where the typewriter is literally on the wall (see below), before a string of Wine Stops. Watch black and white movies chatter in a corner of Madness, perch between white light bulbs at Eck Stein then sink frothy late night cocktails at Pinta. Have a hangover Seventies style in Cafe Combo then nip to the bakery opposite and past the Kunsthofpassage.
Follow the sound of hooves clip clopping on cobbles and you’ll find the Altstadt. March past the Procession of the Princes on your way to the Zwinger Palace, full of cherubs with bum pinchingly perfect bums. Book your slot at Dresden’s Gringott’s, The Green Vaults, stuffed with more treasure than anywhere else in the land. By then it will be time for Sunday tea at the smallest cafe in town, Cafe Orange, a dolls house size joint with human size slabs of Eierschegge.
And that’s Dresden done.

Kangaroo Stop, Erna-Berger-Straße 8-10, 01097
Plantwirtschaft, Louisenstraße 20, 01099
Madness, Louisenstraße 20, 01099
Eck Stein, Alaunstrase, Louisenstraße 20, 01099
Pinta, Louisenstraße 49, 01099
Kunsthofpassage, Görlitzer Straße 21-25 01099 Dresden, Germany
Cafe Combo, Louisenstr. 66, Dresden
The Zwinger
The Green Vaults
Cafe Orange, Schloßstraße, Dresden


About kirstymichelleallen

Teaching some phrasal verbs in the present. Prefer drinking teas in places that look like the past.
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3 Responses to Dresden in Two Hundred Words

  1. OwlMcCloud says:

    Awesome shots and amazing blog

    • Thanks OwlMcCloud. I was just thinking the same (about your blog, of course.) Have you visited all of the places on your top ten palaces or are these Google inspired fantasies? Whichever they are, they’re gorgeous. I’ve heard an awful lot of magical stuff about about Sintra so I’ll be jealous if you’ve been there!

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