A Tale of Two Hostels

common room wide

In a country full of Cinderella looking cities, it writes itself that the Czech has played out the odd love story.
Should you go from one wistful corner of this little country to the other, (Olomouc-Prague-Cesky Krumlov, a Central Station approved route) then you can join up the dots of one of the cutest as you go.
You might arrive on the doorstep of Poets Corner still feeling a little chilly from Krakow. Curl up in an armchair next to the bearded boy reading Chekhov and by the time a steaming mug is in your hands, your heart will have already thawed to the place. Free tea and coffee, retro fringed lampshades, stuffed bookshelves, a clothes exchange and a gurgling hostel baby make Poets Corner the best, if only, backpackers hangout in Olomouc.
But how did this hostel baby come about?
Well, that takes us to a rather toasty Krumlov House snuggled away in a not so faraway land called Cesky Krumlov. The pair who now run Poets Corner as perfectly as a plumped cushion met in this very spot; she, a Krumlov local on the desk and, he, an Aussie backpacker who Destiny granted the last bed for the night.A well loved piano is the only permanent resident at Krumlov House and yet the house feels like a home, complete with slippers, a spice rack and sweeping attic views of a truly one off little town.
Yes, these two spots are as cosy as a rabbit’s warren but what counts is that both come with a big helping of local love. Hearty recommendations, snappy Top Ten lists and pocket sized maps with all the must sees on could only come from hosts who love their cities to bits and want you to feel the same.
And with hearts firmly in the right place, I’m sure that you will.



About kirstymichelleallen

Teaching some phrasal verbs in the present. Prefer drinking teas in places that look like the past.
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