Cesky Krumlov in Two Hundred Words

krumlov 064

Somehow, the Czechs have managed to keep Cesky Krumlov a secret from the outside world. Of course, you’ll hear endless whispers about the City of Spires but Cesky Krumlov somehow remains a thriving tag on day trip.
Instead of taking all your snaps before the sun sets on Sunday night, sit in a cafe on the petite sized square and watch the crowds vanish down curly alleyways. Head home.
If you’re a twosome, stay at Dilettante’s Hang out, throw another log on the fire (in the Buddha Room) and tinkle the bell to say you’ll take that extra night after all. If you’re a gang then do the same over at Krumlov(e) House then gather round the piano.
But what if you’ve already wandered though the castle and dangled a small child’s feet over the bear pit and stuffed your backpack with a marionette for your Nan?
Why, you do nothing but hold hands by the Vltava, grab Czech Mex at Hospoda 99, swill Eggenberg in Hospoda Na Louzi and listen to the lute in The Two Mary’s courtyard.
Then you’ll head back to the train station, and you’ll see this (above.)

Dilettante’s Hangout
Krumlov House
Hospoda 99
Hospoda la Nouzi
Two Mary’s


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Teaching some phrasal verbs in the present. Prefer drinking teas in places that look like the past.
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4 Responses to Cesky Krumlov in Two Hundred Words

  1. PragueByKaty says:

    Thanks for nice invitation, I love Cesky Krumlov and I love sitting at the cafe having tea or coffee, I have my favorites at Krumlov too, but next time I will try your recommendations.
    No that it is much important, just in case you wouldn’t mind my corrections:
    Krumlove House, correctly it is: Krumlov House
    Hospoda is “Na louzi” – which means At The Puddle, when you write La Nouzi (it sounds like some French name) and Nouze in Czech means “penury”, therefore Na nouzi would be At The Penury instead of At The Puddle 🙂

  2. robotechku says:

    Reblogged this on robotechku and commented:
    My neighbor always come visited me this town.

  3. Emilia says:

    Beautiful photo! Cesky Krumlov sounds amazing, you definitely make me want to take a small trip there, sit in a cafe and wander around the alleyways. And see this view of course. 🙂

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