Wish List: Six Day Trips to Go On This Summer


Oh, would you look at all that blue sky?
It’s a little bit dull to talk about the weather, of course, but as I write this post, I’m wearing a scarf.
A big, long, bobbly scarf that goes right down to my toes and was made for the iciest of Winters, not for the iciest of Springs.
So the only way to really keep warm is to think about all those lovely day trips you can have once the final slab of black ice cheekily slips from the rooftop above your head and smashes onto the pavement next to you.
That’s when I’ll be packing picnics for:

Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic
To sweep through pavilions in a crinoline, sip tea in a colonnade cafe and catch the Singing Fountain on a summer’s breeze in the Czech Republic’s great spa town beauty.
Cesky Raj, Czech Republic
To go up and down those tricky looking ladders, wander past folksy looking cottages and for a slice of official Czech Paradise.
Karlstein Castle, Czech Republic
To imagine being a princess locked in that fairytale looking tower, keeping eyes peeled for witches hidden in the beautiful forest cloaking one of the Czech’s most popular castles (and they’ve got plenty.)
Telc, Czech Republic
Telc is actually the setting of the blue skied photograph above. It also came with a cruel wind in December. Lots of little cafes and vinoteckas on the fairest town square of all that need to be lounged in with a balmier breeze.
Salzburg, Austria
For tea and cake and horse drawn carriage rides to a Mozart soundtrack, in the city where all the world’s a stage.
Bratislava, Slovakia
A January visit to the Slovakian capital didn’t really cut it for the cafe culture that’s said to bustle on the Old Town’s cobbles. It only comes a big slice of sunshine so it’s time to do it properly.

Now because this is a wish list, Central Station hasn’t visited all of these spots yet. Is there somewhere that’s just meant for sunny afternoons, flasks of tea and cheese sandwiches that should be on there too?


About kirstymichelleallen

Teaching some phrasal verbs in the present. Prefer drinking teas in places that look like the past.
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6 Responses to Wish List: Six Day Trips to Go On This Summer

  1. pickledwings says:

    Some good calls there!

    I’ve not been to the first two on your list, but the others I have visited and can agree with you 110% that they should be visited. Bratislava can be done easily as a day trip from Brno or Vienna.

    I really have to get back to Telč soon. I was there about seven or eight years ago and enjoyed every bit of it. Telč can also be a good jumping off point for other places in the area like Jindrichův Hradec and Slavonice which are both quite worthy of a visit themselves.

    • Yes, that’s true. I managed to squeeze in a Sunday afternoon in Slavonice but it was very cold and Christmassy at the time ( kind of like it is now!) So I’d like to go back on a summery afternoon. Thanks so much for reading til the end!

  2. Emilia says:

    Good luck on getting to these places, I hope you can cross them all off your list!
    Karlstein Castle sounds amazing and I would love to go to Salzburg as well. Keep dreaming of warm summer days 🙂

    • I have friend visiting me from the UK this week so maybe she will unexpectedly find herself on a day trip to Karlstein. And what a surprise that would be! Thanks so much for reading til the end!

  3. Ahoj, I’d recommend south Moravia region, during summer is warm and enjoyable. By the end of summer there is the famous ‘first wine’ burcak and numerous festivals related to it. Znojmo and Mikulov are nice to be visited, together with Valtice and Palava area, nice white hills, healthy hike and nice caffè.

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