Announcement: Two Hundred Word Travel

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Before we get down to the British stuff, let’s start with something new.

Two Hundred Word Travel

So I’ll tell you all about it in two hundred words.

Two Hundred Word Travel was born out of the loss of many hours of my life.

The cause of this is my participation in a wide range of leisure activities, including bird watching in the Galapogos, underground boating in the Philippines and learning to travel internationally with toddlers, despite having no children. Yes, all this has been achieved without my bum cheeks ever leaving my chair.

That’s because I’m a committed travel blog consumer and for those with the faintest streak of wanderlust, blogging is brilliant. It’s accessible, honest and genuinely inspiring but threatens to be a black hole too, swirling with blue seas and giant turtles, swallowing all the time in the world.

Here’s a snappier alternative; a two hundred word round up of any place, be it city, castle or crab market, and everything you need for a trip to said place in two punchy paragraphs. Written by an expert, reviews are stuffed with local tip offs, insider knowledge and not a word will go to waste.

And if we get cracking now, there’ll be a guide to everywhere, even the quietest corners of this gorgeous globe.

End of word limit

So what do you think?

Now, this is the bit where Central Station readers come in and know so many of you have beautifully formed travel blogs of your own.

Two Hundred Word Travel will remain a lonely, if succinct, island in the epic sea of travel blogs without one or two contributors.

If you know a place like the palm of your hand and think you can write a potted, two hundred word review, then please get in touch!
Pop an email to or leave a comment somewhere and before you start hammering your piece into shape, I’ll shoot back some tips on how to squeeze all the good stuff in. Remember to include a good snap and a link back across the epic sea to your own travel blog/website/Twitter.

For those of you who have been kind enough to like my very amateur photography and comment on my travels so far, thank you for taking the time to do so. It’s given me the confidence to launch this new idea and start networking with travel writers in Central Europe and much further beyond. I hope you would like to be a part of that network too.

Look forward to hearing from you and following your further adventures.


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